We entertainment professionals have the privilege to dedicate ourselves to our passion. But this privilege and passion come with the responsibility to share and pass-on, to make sure our passion will grow further to the next generation. When's the last time we confronted our takes and viewpoints on how we operate, how we run the shop, how we can do better for us and our community ? When's the last time we challenged our own processes and practices ?

The MovieChainer Community Blog is a place where industry professionals are given a carte blanche to step back and share thoughts on their business, their job, the industry and its evolution, raise awareness on a specific issue, promote some practices - or just give some tips. A benevolent peer to peer community.

The Community Blog is dedicated to non-breaking news stemming from like-minded professionals who feel the urge to share for the benefit of fellow professionals and artists. Looking forward to reading from you !

The MovieChainer Team
Entertainment Revolution : AI & BigData are Transforming the Industry

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Nathan May April 27 2023
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Maarten Melchior November 22 2022
Theatrical and/or Digital: releasing a film in Belgium and the Netherlands in the age of streamers

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Marc Smit April 11 2022
Closing finance and greenlighting a production

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Joël Thibout April 11 2022
Insights from a small Island: a take on British audiovisual industry

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Tatiana Wait April 11 2022
Fiscally responsible production & studio quality content

Fiscally Responsible Production is essentially making films for a budget. Read More

David Lancaster April 11 2022