For each Title, MovieChainer' dynamic distribution map shows for you what rights are sold, where, to whom and to what outcome - and what's available - at a glance.

Generate and export your sales records and availability lists using custom refined filters - ready to send PDF documents and spreadsheets.


Title key dates and contractual events deriving from your Title metadata and Contracts are automatically reflected in the Title calendar and Gantt chart, and in your task planner.

Generating custom email reminders and notifications for events relevant for you, such as delivery, availability dates, holdbacks, payments due or royalty statements.

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DrawKit Vector Illustration Project Manager (3) 1-1


This feature is a real time saver: MovieChainer will generate automatic alerts if your chain of title is disrupted, or if a conflict arises between two active Contracts  (such as duration overlap, exclusivity conflict, or granted rights exceeding owned rights).