Because your Titles are your main asset, we built MovieChainer around them. For each Title, our Title Main Page centralizes all related metadata, features and dataviz, making it an intuitive entry point into the system.


Your Title Main Page triggers all data available in your system, including creative, contractual, budget, finance  and sales data. You decide which features and data are displayed. You might want to store some simple notes,  run and save a complex model, monitor production cash-flow, or follow up with your sales leads.


Our biggest innovation is to make complex deals simple, with a single form to fill every contract in the system, so MovieChainer can connect dots for you throughout the app.

MovieChainer addresses any type of agreement; any territory and language; any media and media subdivision; any  type of right and right attribute; any type of contractual event or trigger; any type of financial and non-financial condition, precedent or subsequent.



MovieChainer provides a double entry smart database (individual / organisation).

MovieChainer automatically updates your database by collecting Contacts data from your Titles and Contracts. Database is additionally  synched via our partnership with CINANDO.


Advanced search engine with full ability to dig through your database and stored documents including spreadsheets and PDF files. Enables you  to retrieve, cross-reference, compare and filter Titles, Contracts, Contacts, Events, and all related data.