Project management

Initially developed to enable production teams to collectively keep track of their ongoing projects, this tool has been  adapted to address any type of project management.

Create as many projects as you wish for each of your Titles  and teams (acquisition, development, production, release etc.). Forget about digging your Whatsapp / emails / cloud drive, and keep critical intel inside your organisation.


Generate, edit and document your sales estimates, while keeping an eye to your sales terms and covenants. Keep track of all your prospects and negotiations on every Title, every territory and every buyer.

Enjoy enriched buyer profiles including their editorial and financial records. Generate ready-to-send custom PDF/xls reports & avails.

DrawKit Vector Illustration Project Manager (9) 1-1
DrawKit Vector Illustration Project Manager (4) 1-1


Rely on your event database arising from your Titles and Contracts data to set your priorities for more efficiency.

Use Gantt chart to anticipate rescheduling consequences, get notified where needed, and see at a glance what's next on your list based on your role in the team.